Welcome to Keys Ronil Resort , Goa , India

Keys Ronil Resort

Goa, the smallest state of the country, has put India on a global map. One of the biggest tourist attractions for international travelers, Goa is also a favorite holiday destination amongst Indians. Given its importance as a beach holiday and romantic destination, the luxury hotels in Goa thrive all year round with tourists.

The Keys Ronil Resort in Goa, perfectly in sync with the Goan spirit, prompts one to stop and stare at its scenic beauty for a while. Situated next the famous Tito’s Lane and one of the best locations like Baga, the party hub of north Goa, Keys Resort is a one-of-its-kind hotel.

Keys Ronil, a luxury resort in Goa, has a pool where you can take a refreshing swim and a relaxing lounge that plays serenading live tunes, while also offering great connectivity to all the main beaches in Goa. The rooms in this Goa hotel are airy and spacious, and are designed specifically for the comfort and ease of its guests.



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